Labiaplasty is the alteration of female reproductive organs for cosmetic purposes or as a corrective process for a congenital defect. The procedure is also known as labial reduction or in other parts as labioplasty.

It involves the reduction of your inner labia (also known as the labia minora) in addition to the outer labia (also known as the labia majora). The labia are the skin folds that are found around the opening of your vulva.

Congenital defects that could force you to undergo this plastic surgery are several and varied. The first of this is intersex condition. This term refers to men and women who have an abnormal genotype and phenotype combination other than the normal XY-chromosome for men, and XX-chromosome for women. The surgery takes place to fit the individual into the sex they perceive themselves to be.


Who Should Go for Labioplasty?

Labioplasty is a very minor surgery that has little to no effect on the normal functioning of the female reproductive organs. If you fall within the following categories you’re encouraged to consider the operation:

·         Seeking an Aesthetic Appearance

If you’re very conscious of your appearance or are concerned that your labia are not what could be considered normal, you may want to think but seeking advice about the issue.

Some women also complain that enlarged labial folds make sexual activity uncomfortable, and that wearing tight clothes or swimsuits is virtually impossible due to the sheer embarrassment.

·         Suffering from Vulvar Cancer

Depending on the extent to which the disease has progressed, it may affect your labia and surrounding skin. The procedure could be a possible solution. In severe cases, the Australian National Health Service (MediCare) covers the labioplasty surgical procedure.

This is a surgical option that is giving a lot of women hope in their struggle with cancers affecting the female genitalia. Its benefits cannot be overstated.

·         Congenital Defects

This includes defects that limit the functionality of your female reproductive organs such as labial fusion or intersex individuals.

Benefits of Labiaplasty


The operation has several benefits:

·         Improved Sex Life

Many patients who have had a labioplasty report a happier sex life and improved intimacy with their partner. While this is a physical effect, the psychological advantages you would be gaining are also great.

·         Improved Hygiene

The positioning and numerous folds on the labia may lead to build up of bacteria that may cause infections in your private parts. Therefore, a labioplasty can be compared to circumcision in males.

·         Health and Vibrancy  

Labioplasty can reduce the effect of diseases such as cancer from further spreading. Many women are suffering silently due to cancers that affect the female sex organs and this surgical procedure could be your answer.

Any Related Issues?

Different groups have heavily criticized the procedure, from human rights activists to feminists alike. The principle argument raised by these groups against the procedure is that it originates from unhealthy expectations placed on women by society regarding what the ideal body is.


Because of this realization, in 2007 the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Medicine advised that even though it is a woman’s right whether or not she wants to have the procedure carried out, she should be thoroughly counselled beforehand.

In conclusion the surgery itself has very little risks of complications and is very minor in magnitude. Despite the recent criticism it really can have a positive impact on a woman’s life.

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